MoonDog is a global exclusive gamers’ social APP, our company was founded in 2012, in last four years we have been focusing on excavate, analyzing and visualization the game data, we are also using the game data to lower the social thresholds for gamers.

MoonDog Chinese version has been obtained the 4th most popular social APP on Chinese APP store. MoonDog APP belonging to Shanghai Jngyue Network Technology company, it has been invested millions dollars by Qingsong fund and Qingshan funds in 2014, in 2015 IDG capital invested millions dollars for series A funding, in 2016 company get ten millions of investment from Youjin Capital for series B funding.

Our services

MoonDog providing service as Instant Messenger, game data query, game data analysis, on-line social networking and etc., to meet the various needs of internet users including communication, entertainment, lifestyle, e-commerce and others:

1. Game data query, analysis;

2. On-line services, namely, message sending;

3. Communications by telephone;

4. Computer aided transmission of messages and images;

5. Providing telecommunications connections to a global computer network;

6. Providing user access to global computer networks;

7. Providing On-line social networking services;

8. Providing access to databases;

9. Creating and maintaining web sites for users;

10. Installation of computer software;